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Providing the highest quality of care and acquiring the best technology as the practice of medicine has changed

Northeast Florida Internal Medicine is the premiere outpatient internal medicine practice in the region. Created by Dr. Elyssa Blissenbach over 15 years ago, NEFIM has consistently remained committed to the highest quality of care and acquiring the best technology as the practice of medicine has changed. NEFIM is the only practice in the region that has true one stop capabilities for all your medical needs, from routine preventive care to advanced management of complex disease. Dr. Elyssa Blissenbach is passionate about her patients and providing cutting edge care. As the only board certified internist and obesity medicine physician in the region, Dr. Blissenbach takes care of her patients with total commitment to solving the most complex of medical problems. What distinguishes Dr. Blissenbach, however, is her genuine compassion and as our patients point out, the feeling of being a part of the NEFIM family. Dr. Blissenbach expertly treats each of her patients with the highest quality supported by the best technology, and always with utmost respect and compassion. While patients seek her out for her medical expertise, they remain in her practice for her kindness. An expert in general internal medicine, Dr. Blissenbach is particularly interested in obesity medicine, Lyme disease, metabolic disease and osteoporosis. Sought as an expert in the most challenging and complex cases, come see Dr. Blissenbach and join the NEFIM family of patients. Concerned you may have Lyme disease or want to get tested for Lyme disease? Lyme disease is transmitted via an infected tick’s bite and bacteria, causing extreme exhaustion, achy muscles, chills/fever, headaches, and sometimes a rash. If you believe you may have been infected or come into contact with any of these symptoms after spending time outdoors, it’s essential that you get tested as soon as possible. Lyme disease has some potentially harmful long-term effects if not treated right away. Come to our office in Jacksonville for discrete testing and treatment options customized specifically for YOU.

OUR TEAM Our staff who will provide you with extraordinary care

Dr. Elyssa Blissenbach, MD, PA
Dr. Elyssa Blissenbach

Dr. Elyssa Blissenbach is the sole Board Certified doctor specializing in Internal and Obesity Medicine in Jacksonville. She created the Northeast Florida Internal Medicine practice with a focus on giving the highest quality of care focusing on the areas of internal and obesity medicine. As the only board certified doctor in Internal and Obesity medicine in Jacksonville, she is the expert in the region. Sought as an expert in the most challenging and complex cases, she is truly the best in the business. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Blissenbach, and feel secure knowing your health is her top priority.
6. Dana Whray, Patient Care Coordinator
Dana Whray
Patient Care Coordinator

Dana joined Northeast Florida Internal Medicine in January 2007. Her role in this office has changed many times but her commitment to patient care and satisfaction never has. As the patient care coordinator she handles delicate family issues and offers guidance and support to our elderly patients. The goal with her position is to make our patients feel like family while maintaining a professional atmosphere.
Laren Wick, MA_BMO
Laren Wick

Lauren has been a part of Northeast Florida Internal Medicine since September 2011. As a Medical Assistant and Licensed BMO she provides quality care for our patients by performing routine bone density exams and preparing patients for the providers. With her attention to detail and extensive knowledge in bone health and internal medicine she is able to assist the providers with the care of our patients.
casandra branch
Casandra Branch
Medical Billing Coordinator

Casandra has been in the medical billing field for 22 years. She is a billing expert, medical biller and revenue cycle specialist who thrives on analyzing and increasing revenue for the practice. She takes control of the practice revenue and generating income such a way that inspires, impresses, and at times, re-builds confidence in the physician’s decision to make the huge commitment to their medical field. Casandra is very diligent in auditing claims, submitting claims and performing follow-up functions till everything is paid in full. As a medical biller Casandra has one mission, get physicians the full reimbursement that is due.
Kristine Hendryx, MA
Kristine Hendryx

Kristine has been a medical assistant for 13 years and has worked at NEFIM since April 2010. As a medical assistant, Kristine takes a caring and supportive approach when drawing labs and preparing patients for their visit. Kristine’s ability to relate to patient’s needs ensures that their visit is a positive experience.
Pam Popa, Front Desk Specialist
Pam Popa 

Front Desk Specialist

Pam has been the front office check-in specialist since May 2014. She looks forward to greeting our patients when they visit our office. The patients are the top priority and she strives to make them feel welcome, make them smile, and let them know the office staff truly cares.